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Friday, November 28, 2008

♥ speechmaking ..

This semester we had our pubLic speaking course. Our professor is a graduate from UP-Cebu.
I admit she's sointelligent. She can speak english fluently and she teach us very well.
But as one of the requirements for this course, we were to report and to write a speech.
Sad to say i'm really not into writing speeches.
What I usually write are just simple compositions but honestly I am very eager to learn how to write more effectively.
So every meeting we were tasked to read an article of Conrado de Quiros of Philippine Daily Inquirer. Waaaa! Shame on me!
I've just read his editorials just this time because I don't usually read those PDI newspapers and also if I were to read that paper I would just look immediately on the Entertainment section and look for the latest buzz on showbiz.
So now, we were asked to write a speech regarding the editorials/columns of Conrado de Quiros. And I really had a hard time organizing and developing my speech.
I don't have enough knowledge on writing. Everyone in our class were problematic about our speeches.
Also it's so hard for me because the article is about politics or government and I can't relate to it because I don't usually watch news on tv. All i'm watching are those Primetime Bida.
Hihihi! Our professor choose that person because according to her, he has a unique way of presenting and writing his articles and through reading his published works, we can get some ideas on formulating and organizing our speeches.
How I wish I would be very good in writing "sensefull" paragraphs. And now, I thought of something better. I would invest my money on books so that I would have a wider vocabulary and get some ideas on organizing my sentences.
I feel jealous to those people who could write very well.
If I could be like them I would pour out my time on writing and be one of the columnists in a famous newspaper here in the country. Hahaha!



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