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Friday, December 5, 2008

♥ my first injection

today, December 05, 2008, was my first injection! we had our return demonstration on medication and part of it is administering medication through parenteral roue. First i'm soo soo scared and nervous because I'm afraid I might do wrong. But when it's my turn now, I'm happy coz my hands aren't shaking and I did a good job! First we had an intradermal injection on the lower arm and second is the intramuscular on the ventrogluteal site. Wow! it really hurts most especially the skin test! I never thought it would be that painful when the medication was being pushed! I almost cried nga ehh.. hahaha! but i just stopped my emotions coz my classmates are watching and I'm shy.. hahaha! and now, I'm ready to perform injection on our RLE this coming Jan.5.. It would be my first day of duty at Vicente Gullas Hospital.. but i know we would just be doing the basics like taking the vital signs,etc. But still, I'm soo excited to wear our duty uniform! weeee!

But for today, i'm proud and happy of myself because I did it! I conquered my fears in injection! hihihi! thank God! =)



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