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Friday, December 12, 2008

♥ Xmas Pt

Yes. we had our christmas party yesterday. Twas held at Paseo Arcenas. And again, we're disappointed (for the seond time). When i arrived at the venue, i really can't believe that am on the right place. There are lots of people around, i wonder if they're still my schoolmates or what. And poof, i've seen people just wearing ordinary clothes like their home clothes. And i realized that they were those who are living near the area. Whoo. Too bad. And also the band who were performing for us. They were soo hard core. I can't relate to their songs. They have these noisy and ear-bashing voices! Ooooh, we're really not enjoying the party. But the best thing happened when we left there. We went to Mango to eat our dinner at Sunburst. Can't you believe it? we ate at a some kinda expensive restaurant. haha. And also we planned to have a "Girl's-night-out" thing. hihi.
After our dinner, we went to Au2shop. That was my very first time to enter a club,bar, errr. Whatever. And also my first time to drink a tequila. Gail taught me how to do those sucking lemon thing and the salt. hihi. And after how many shots, we danced on the danced floor. I can't imagine how my serious & conservative classmates went inside and danced like no one have seen them. I mean, they were like a bird that night, flying freely. hihihi.
And then on the danced floor, there were lots of people, girls, boys, gays. I saw some the girls are wasted, dancing while holding a bottle of beer. That was so gross. And the boys are holding and touching their body, kissing, romancing. Oh no. No doubt where will they go after that. hahaha. And there's this guy who danced with Gail. But as a "newbie" in this club, she was struck because the guy is starting to touch her butt. hihihi. So we sat down and took a rest for a while. But nikki is getting mad at me. Oh, what did i do? hahaha. He don't want me to dance with those guys up there because according to him, "Lain kaau tan.awn". hahaha. But i didn't listen to him. Idc. So then, we danced again and that guy who danced with gail a while ago was still there. And so, we danced, no touching. Hahaha. But nikki really got mad. He was asking me to go down. So i sat and not smiling anymore. I really hate him. That was my first time and i want to enjoy my presence there. But he's kinda kill-joy. He's getting into my nerves until i can't stop myself from getting out and going home. So i went home all by myself about 11pm. Ate chit followed me but i ignored her. When i arrived in the house, i cried soo hard, to the point that my eyes are "hubag" nah. hahaha.
I really can't forget that day. I was soo upset.
MORAL LESSON: Don't bring your boyfriends when you hang out in places like that. For sure, you won't enjoy his company. hahahaha. =)



Anonymous gAiL said...

ahahaha! sakto jd ka joyh. bt wa pd tawn 2 nahikapan aq butt uy. ahaha!

April 2, 2009 at 4:59 AM  
Anonymous j♥yh said...

ahw almost rah diay gheL? hihihihi.

May 2, 2009 at 3:05 AM  

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