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Monday, April 13, 2009

♥ Early Summer'09

whoah! it's been a while since i haven't updated my blog. It's just that i'm busy and almost forgot some of the things i have to do. Hahaha.
Well, it's summer vacation now.
But after a couple of weeks summer classes starts again. Huhuh. I want to have fun, relax and rejuvenate! ahaha.
Mmmm. I and nikki went to see my high school friends yesterday because they planned to go to Taoist Temple and take some pictures and all. But instead we find ourselves in the mall. Hahaha. So we walked for a while and ate and then poof! We planned to go to Borbon, Cebu the next day! It was a very unexpected and well-planned trip! And so, everything's fixed and ready for tomorrow.
So the next day, we went to Bor
bon. It's a 2-hour trip form the city. We ride in a bus and wew, nagsakit jud amo heart sa kakusog sa sounds! wapa jud lami nah kanta! (dah bisaya uy! ahaha) We had fun looking around while we're on our way. And after 2hours, we arrived at Marie's house.
Well, it's soo probinsya there. I can remember my hometown (Isabel,Leyte). It was a quiet, peaceful and relaxing place.
While we're there, we had soo much fun! We walked aroung the town, and saw those beautiful houses built in there. I never expected this place to be like this because i thought that it was uncivilized and all. Hihihi. But i was wrong. In fact, i would love to have my house there. Mansion pud unta! hahaha.
On our last night, nag inum mi ug boracay (sponsored by hendrew). Hihih. We also play cards and kung kinsa gani mapildi, he/she must drink a glass of it. But c lawrence kai gisapot najud kai he's always the looser. hahahah. Toink! But the game continues until nahurot nah ang drink. ahahaha.
And then we talked and reminisced our high school life. Indeed it was a very fun and exciting part of our lives. We recalled our very funny moments. those times nah we played those pambata nah duwa in skul. And also our kawat2 nah outing wherein nkasab.an jud mi ni miss maliao coz we're told not to go to the beach but we insist. hahaha. dah! nakahimo lagi explanation letter signed by our parents. And so because of that our parents knew what we did. Nksab.an jud pud nuon mi! ahahaha.
And also the times nah we're playing in the rain. Hihih. I soo missed those times when we're together. But the highlight of our high school was our Miss Saigon for our English month presentation. Everything's well-planned and perfect (for us). But then second rah mi kai ang amo English instructor way lami! Naa jud favoritism! Nasuko xa namo because accdg to him wala daw namo gi.show ang wjole presentation during our final rehearsal. Hmmm. If i know nasuko rah jud toh xa kai xa mn ang nag.teach sa SectionC. Hmpf! But still, we're soo happy because we never expected it to happen. We thought it would be a very difficult play to be done but then, we did it! hmmmm. i really missed those days. How i wish i could bring back those moments and have the luxury of time to have fun and laugh all day.
wait, nisimang nah akong gipang.yawit sa aqng title. ahaha.
So to make the long story short, i had my early vacation sa Borbon, Cebu with Nikki, lawrence, hendrew, marie, and anne. Eventhoug gamay rah mi but we really enjoyed our time there! it's worth keeping jud! hihihi.
Hmmmm. I observed nag bisaya jud ko ron. Maybe inspired by some of the blogs that i have read a while ago. Nalingaw q kai ingon xa love your own daw, so love our own language! ahahaha. Mao na ron. So now, i have to end this and have myself prepared for my duty tomorrow. It's soo tiring and stressful. Huhuhu. I still want to ralex and have fun! ihihihi. til then. xOxO



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