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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

♥ Guitar 101

hmmm. Since today's Wednesday, i have no classes. Good for me! hihi. I did the laundry and sleep. But i haven't rested that much coz i've got a lot of things to do. But the highlight for today was my guitar lessons 101. Hahaha. While I was sitting in my room, i saw my guitar hanging on the wall. So i decided to take a look and play for just a minute. I really missed my guitar a lot. I haven't played for a couple of weeks now so i reviewed the songs that i learned how to play. And so, i thought of something better. I looked for some tutorials in youtube (i knew i could find a lot there). So as i was searching, i found those songs that i usually sing in the house. And then i started to learn. After a couple of minutes and a lot of practice, mmm, i would say that i can really play those. Hahaha. Lucky for me imma fast learner and musically inclined. Hihih. So today, i learned three songs, Love Story & Teardrops On My Guitar by Taylor Swift and Hate That I Love you by Rihanna & Ne-yo. I should've learned more but i have to do lots of things so that's why i only got 3 songs for today. Maybe i could learn lots of songs in these days to come. I wish i could play much better like Santana? ahaha. or maybe Michelle Branch. She's my idol mn gud. ahaha. I know i could do it but as what a quote says, "Practie makes perfect". I must practice more and learn more. xOxO



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