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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

♥ two thumbs up!

I'm a Gossip Girl fan. I've been watching this from the first season.
But since i was quite busy in school, i didn't have the luxury of time to watch the next season. I am fond of Chuck-Blair team!
and yay! finally have the complete episodes of Gossip Girl season 2 on my iPod!
Gonna watch it anytime and anywhere of the day! weeeeeee!
I've been looking for a DVD of this before but i realized i can have it on my iPod so i've downloaded it asap.
What would happen to Serena and Dan?
Blair and Chuck?
Would Blair and Jenny be friends again?
And who will be the next victims of Blair? i'm gonna find it out soon! ooh-wee! So excited to watch this! xOxO!




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