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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

♥ piNOYs, u vote or not?

Today is the 40th day of the late President Cory Aquino and a big revelation for Noynoy, her son. Noynoy Aquino declared his candidacy for president this coming 2010 elections. Many filipino people requested this candidacy to be pushed through. And today, he finally decided and granted the plead of the people.

"I am accepting the responsibility to continue this nation's fight. I am accepting the challenge to lead this fight. I am running for the presidency in the coming election."
-Noy Aquino
I think Noynoy would be a good president in the Philippines just like his mother. A short recall for his mother's term as president, Pres. Cory Aquino didn't stole money from the country's piggy bank neither a single centavo. And before she died, she reminded her son and daughters to continue what their parents had started (as we all know that they were the ones who gave us the democracy), to do good for the country and for the people. And now, Noynoy will be taking over of their position.
Some political personalities have given up their plans to run for next year just to give way for Noynoy and promised to support him all the way as well as Noynoy's younger sister, Kris. I wish that IF he'll be in the position, he will give solution to our country's problems. I know it isn't that easy and he'll be pressured during the first term of him being president. But I know he can do it just like what his mom did!
So all we need to do Filipinos is to support whoever would be sitting the throne, would it be Noynoy or not. We must keep on praying for the betterment of our country and starting today, we must think a million times and evaluate every candidate because we need the one who can help and make our country progressive.
Let us vote wisely and honestly! No daya-daya!

*speaking of vote, i wasn't registered yet. Hahaha. I must go to comelec maybe this coming friday and become an official registered voter! will vote for Noynoy!*



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