I Know You Love Me

Friday, September 18, 2009

♥ go on girL!

this week has been so bad and so frustrating.
First, i got ZERO major case in OR while some of my classmates had four and second, the exam this afternoon was soo difficult. I'm praying that i could just get 50 of it.
Sometimes i think that this nursing life that i'm into is giving me lots of wrinkles and eye bags on my face.
Why did i chose this course where there are some that's so easy and less stressful?
Why did i make my life so complicated?
And then poof! there followed a relief on my mind.
I know that what i sow is what i would reap so soon.
And that's the only thing that i'm holding on for the rest of the years of my studying.
keep moving on. ♥



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