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Sunday, October 4, 2009

♥ new people, new friends

i did enjoy our out-of-town duty this week. I thought i wouldn't be enjoying my time but with these bunch of people that i am with in every duty i have, the world goes crazy! hahaha. Last week i did extend my boundaries to these people. I opened the doors of friendship to them. I could say that for 5 days that we all slept in the same room and in the same bed, ate our meals together, and shared secrets within the four corners of the room, we established a bond between us and through that i got the chance to know them more. But wait, i'm not saying that i didn't miss my true circle of friends (te chit and ghel). Well i really do! Haven't seen them for a week and i can finally hug them tomorrow! oooh weeee!

-gotta go! i need to study for my long quiz tomorrow. Til then! ♥



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