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Sunday, September 6, 2009

♥ i saw angels

last week was an exciting and stressful one. We had our duty in DR and that was our first time to be assigned in that area. Everything were FIRSTs, wear our scrub suit, handle a delivery, steal a pair of gloves and baby's ID band, do labor watch, put on baby's clothes, change diapers, bathe mothers, see and compare different colors and sizes of vaginas, etc etc. It was indeed enjoying with a touch of stress.
I never realized how painful it is to have a baby not until i finally witnessed an actual scene inside the labor room. Their faces shows how very very painful it is , shouted "Ma" because of the pain. As i was sitting beside them, i was thinking that i don't want to have a baby anymore. Maybe I can't take it but nothing compares when you finally see your baby, so cute, soft, and delicate. I carried them in my arms and stared at their angelic faces so carefully. Wow, how beautiful those babies were.
Though i only had one case during the entire week, it doesn't matter because the experiences i had were full of fun and irreplaceable.



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