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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

♥ examination week

well, 3 weeks of summer classes have passed so here comes the midterm exam. Again, we'll be studying those drug and IV calculations and all. But this time, we must do our very best to have a grade of 2.5 for our capping hopefully this June 13. Each one of us are so excited for that day to come because that would be the day that we'll be wearing our caps and badges as a sign of being a nurse. Don't worry i'll keep you posted with regards to that matter.

So for now, I have to study and review all those things that I have learned last semester. I know our Laboratory would be a bunch of head-breaking questions that would make our nose bleed to death. Hahaha. I have to set aside my dota sessions for now and resume after our Midterm exam this saturday. Wish me luck.



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