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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

♥ oh happy day

today is June 23, 2009, a memorable day of my love life. I've been into relationship wid Dundee A. Mondares for 3 years now at exactly 6:51pm (he told me so). hihihi. Well, i'm happy that we're staying close and happy together. Though there were times that we argue on some nonsense things but eventually reconcile each other a moment after. I confess that it came to my mind sometimes that i don't love him anymore or i'm sick of being with him everyday, this and that, i tried not to text or call him but after a while i miss him. Haha. So crazy first love. And i realized that i became so dependent on him, always shouting his name and ask for a favor or even an errand from my mom that's suppose to be mine. And so we reached 3 years! haha. I am proud to say that within this 3 years, we haven't been into sexual activity (haha. you know what i mean, so obvious). hahaha. Yes, we haven't engaged in sex yet. And i'm happy with that because that made our relationship more stronger and happy. I want to do that God-given gift when i am married already with the man that i would spend the rest of my life with (maybe him) in the future. And we talked about that and i'm glad that he respects my will.

Can't imagine i would be into this relationship with him for 3 years. But i'm not thinking yet about marriage and all that. Aren't sure yet if he's really the one for me. All i'm thinking is i would just enjoy the times that we're together. And i hope we would still be in this relationship in the years to come. Wish he would grow bigger as well. hihihi.

Luvu hun. May God bless us both. ♥♥♥



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