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Sunday, May 24, 2009

♥ It's my day!

Goodbye 18, hello 19! hahah. My 19th birthday is soo memorable to me. When i arrived in school, my classmates sang a birthday song for me. And it made me soo happy even for that simple gestures of them. Hihihi. This is my first time that i'm having my birthday during school days. I can still remember when i was young, I really wish my birthday would be during school days but sad to say it's summer and I really thought i couldn't have it forever. But yesterday, I made it possible! weee! I wish that i would be more mature and grow spiritually. And loose some weight as well. Hahaha. I thank those people whose always been there for me, my momcy, my dad, ate, nikki, ghel, jen, te chit and my classmates, my childhood friends and my highschool friends and to the only person who never let me down even once, GOD. I thank Him for all the blessing that He gave me, for guiding me in my everyday activites and for giving me knowledge for my studies. Most importantly, for adding another year in my life so i can have more days to change and correct the things i wrongly did.

Well so much for those drama-ing of me. Hahaha. I really enjoyed my day! We had a small get together in the house and then i went to our culminating acitivity at Family Choice. After that, me and my friends (ghel,jen,te chit,nikki,rosti,keith) went to Loft bar at the IT park. We laughed because it seems like we're out of nowhere. We don't knoe where Loft is but then eventually, we arrived to our final destination. Hahaha. It was all our first time to go there. We drank Frozen Margarita, Mojito (ghel and te chit pronounced this as mo-ji-to but in reality it should be pronounced as mo-hi-to. hahaha) and then danced with the people there. We enjoyed our time
dancing together most especially that the songs are soo nice something that we can call "our choice". Hihihi. And the people there are soo classy and well dressed. Unlike in Autoshop that there are lots of "mus-ings" there. Hahaha. We really had fun together. We went out almost 2am and then I treated them a huge pizza from Yellow Cab. We ate bunch of slices and have our stomach full. Hihihi. And then we went home almost 3am. Hihihi. It was such a night! We really had fun and I wish we could do the same thing together one of these days.

To summarize it all, my birthday was soo great and i really had fun hundred percent! I wish everyday would be like that. ♥♥♥



Anonymous gAiL said...

hahaha! katawa sa imong term nga mus-ings joyh! happy jd btaw au ta sa imu day.=)

May 25, 2009 at 7:26 AM  

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