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Monday, June 8, 2009

♥ goodbyes

i don't know what comes into the mind of the person who coined the term goodbye. What made him/her think that there is "good" in goodbye, well in fact there isn't.

This year, i will be saying goodbye (goodbye in the sense that we won't be together in the same room) to some persons who were with me for the past 2 years of my schooling, obviously they were my classmates. We were separated because of the only reason that we haven't enrolled ourselves at the same time. We're only 11 (me, nikki, jen, ghel, te chit, carmelyn, mervin, julie, rash, cyde and ate anne) who were separated from the whole class. We're separated from our duty mates which means we have to adjust to a bunch of new people who will be with us for this semester (or maybe this year). Too bad. I would really miss our boys who were very samukan and even annoying sometimes, bayaca and friends who were very funny and jolly type of persons, and some of our classmates (i won't mention them all because if i do maybe i could post this by tomorrow pa. haha). Btw, we're still in the same school so no need to be sad that much. I just wish that i could meet cool people from this section that i am into right now, friendly and helpful persons as well.

I know that every goodbye makes the next hello closer. So all i have to do is enjoy and meet a bunch of new faces this semester. ♥♥♥



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