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Monday, June 8, 2009

♥ i'm sorry

yeah. The title says it. I'm sorry blogger for not updating you for a while. It's just that i'm busy and i forgot to open you. Hahaha. Well now, i'm here and i'm back for good! hahaha.

These past few days was a bit tiring and enjoying. Tiring in the sense that my father just arrived from SA last week and we did lots of things together. And on the other hand, enjoying because i just had my PSP! weee! I've been longing this gadget for a long time and at last my dad granted it to me! hihi. It was their latest model (i think twas released this year lng) but because of its being superrr latest, the market haven't discovered yet a Firmware for this. Waaaa! I was so depressed because it's not yet downloadable and the only choice i have is to buy a UMD. Whoah! It costs much, around 1500 and rising per game. Huhuhu. But it's okay because my dad promised me to send me a package full of UMDs when he would go back on his work abroad. So for now, i only have one, the God of War: Chains of Olympus. And i hate it because i can't finish the stage that i'm into right now! Twas soo difficult and i think there's a technique for this. I've been browsing the youtube but i can't find any. Huhuhu. Til now i'm still trying to figure this out! Hihihi.

Well, so much for that gadget issue. Our Capping Investiture is fast approaching! 5 days more to go! weeee. Atlast i'll have the symbol of being a nurse. Hihihi. But behind that is a great responsibility that i must take. And i hope i could do it efficiently and effectively.

So that would be all for now. I'll keep u posted on these days to come. Relax. Hihihi. ♥♥♥



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