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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

♥ due-tea

I just had my duty at Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center. I had a 6-2 shift and i can say that i was having fun. Though i haven't slept that much, I still enjoyed our duty today. We were assigned in Ward 5-MSW and as usual, we did v/s monitoring and bed side care (walang kamatayan) and chitchat. hihi. Well, i won't write a kilometric blog for now. But the highlight for today was, I have removed an indwelling catheter! weee! Thought twas hard but it isn't. (sayon rah mn diay!) ahihi. But though it's just a removal of catheter (maybe others would say there's nothing special with that), for me it would be sooo remembered for it was my first time and it's something that would motivate me to keep on pursuing Nursing! =)



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