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Monday, December 14, 2009

♥ yuletide party

I am so used to saying Christmas Party and so for a change i make it a Yuletide Party! Sounds cool, eh?

Our department had this BORING party last 12-11-09. And again, as what i did on the last year's, I did not stayed for long. And instead had dinner with my fav gurls @ Casa Verde.
We also invited our friend, Jen, to come with us. Though we're not as close as before, we still miss her company. And so she had dinner with us.
And everything just turned out to be great!
I can hear some cheers out here!
You want pictures? OKay. It's christmas so i should be good and grant your wish!
check this out! :D

me and jen


naj and i

with our full stomach

he's mine! x♥x♥

the "it" girls. Haha.

@ the taxi stand

my ate chit

with my fav gurls

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