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Thursday, December 31, 2009

♥ Gracias!

Few hours from now this year's gonna end. And we'll be celebrating
and welcoming another year of our lives. Have you been lucky or unlucky this very year?

But wait, before i bade goodbye with 2009 let me express my gratitude and thankfulness for everything that had happened to me all throughout the year.
I'll try my very best to reminisce the special moments i had been. Here we go.

January - welcoming the year 2009 with love, joy and peace in my heart. I've been very thankful for another year God has added in my life.

February - my extravagant date with Nikki during V-day! It's our very first V-day wherein we saved and spent much @ Pizza Hut to the point where we cannot finish all the foods that we have ordered and looked for some backup! hahaha.

March - i'm thankful to God for adding another year to my Mom, another year to be with us and help us in any way she can and not to mention doing laundry and cooking our foods everyday! *Thanks momcy for your TLC and moral support*

April - Oh early summer! My high school friends and I enjoyed our instant vacation @ Marie's resthouse in Borbon, Cebu. I never realized how i missed them soo much not until we kept on remembering and reminiscing our memories we had in high school. We had ghost hunting, sleepless nights and been drunk on our last night there. It was definitely and totally F-U-N! I'm thankful for these friends i have and i promise to keep in touch with them in the years to come.

May - thank you Lord for adding another year to my life, to correct my mistakes, learn from them and have more time to spend with the special people around me. I treated my friends in one of the biggest pizzas here in cebu, @ Yellow Cab. I'm happy they enjoyed eating it not to mention the price. Hihihi.

We also had a get together outing with my classmates in Level II. We celebrated our promotion to Level III and our forthcoming Capping and badging Ceremony! I enjoyed being with them. I thought they're not easy to mingle with but i'm wrong and that made our friendship more real.

June - God really gave me this great blessing, to have my Capping ceremony together with my friends thus promoting us to Level III. I thank Him for the knowledge and Heavenly wisdom He gave me to accomplish and keep going on my studies that made me pass all my pre-requisites for this event. To God be the glory!

July - my sister's 22nd b-day though most of her visitors are my mom's friends. Haha. She's been through a lot of hardships and laziness on her studies. Supposedly she's going to graduate on the year 2008 but maybe because she wasn't interested and not determined that time, she transferred to different schools and dropped her subjects as long as she wanted to. But then, God still blessed her with another year to do her best and prove to everyone that she's now a lady with lots of dreams and desires in her heart. And this coming March 2010 she will be graduating bachelor's Degree in Nursing! wee!

August - at last i have watched the movie Twilight after 9 months it has been shown in cinemas. I wasn't excited to see this movie before because i thought its kinda boring but Bella and Edward proved me WRONG! After I watched the movie I was very eager to read their book asap! So after 2 weeks Nikki bought the book for me. Weeee! And i can't believe i finished reading the book in two days time! whoah! That's a first!

September - T'was my first RLE duty in the Delivery Room. And I was very happy to see how my mom delivered me out from her womb. I never expected it to be sooo painful as ever. And after that week, I said I don't want to be pregnant anymore! I'm sure i can't take the pain and maybe i'll die! Hahahah! So guyz, let us love our moms because they had experienced the most painful way just to let us live and be what we are today.

October-November - October is Nikki's 19th bday! We're of the same age at last! We've been together for 2 years on his bday but this year we weren't able to do it. I'll promise to make it up to him next year. At the end of the month my mom, sis and I had a very wonderful vacation in Davao City! Thanks to my aunt Gonia and her British-Aussie husband, Bob. They made our vacation like Mr. Bean's Holiday! ooh-weee! We met our other relatives and befriended them. I would never forget this 15 days trip where i enjoyed strolling around the city, swimming and shopping to the Nth power and to the point where i don't want to go back here in Cebu and wanted to stay in Davao forever! I soo love it!

December - Dad's 48th year in the world! I am blessed to have him as my father though we do quarrel and misunderstood each other. I know he is working hard for me and my sister to finish our studies and provide our needs. Even if we're not together celebrating Christmas and New Year, he still remain close to my heart.
Also this month our friendship with Jen has been revived. We had dinner together and enjoyed to the utmost. I'm glad to see 5 of us being together and has been okay before this year ends. But whoever (friends) makes her happy, we'll accepted it with no hard feelings.

Lastly, I would like to thank the One who gave me all these happy moments and the blessings that i have received for the entire year, GOD. I thank Him for everything He has done for me, for my family and for my friends. He always never fail. He is there to help us even in the last minute. I thank Him for His everyday guidance, for the good health all throughout the year and for providing our needs each and everyday. I'm also thanking Him for the people who were always there whenever I needed help, for making my life more colorful, full of joy and laughters. And for Loving my family and me though i had shortcomings. When i am weak, He always makes me strong.

How about you? Did you thank the One who is responsible for everything you received this year? You better do it now so that next year He will double the blessings He has shared upon you today! Let us be thankful!

-from Joyh with L♥ve

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