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Thursday, December 24, 2009

♥ Merry Christmas 2009!

Let me begin this post by wishing everyone a JOYFUL and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Today is one of my favorite days of the year, celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus!
Everyone is so excited for this day to come because of the delicious foods and
pressies from family and friends.
But there's a more reasonable thing for us to be happy and get excited for this day.

Christmas really makes a difference to everyone!
No matter how poor or rich a person is, there is a different feeling of happiness in the hearts of everyone which encourages us to share what we have to those who are empty-handed and to share our love to the people surrounding us.
It is also the time to thank our Heavenly Father for everything He did to us all throughout the year, for without Him there would be no us in this world.

And now,the floor is widely open for me to say

to the ONE who is responsible for every breath and every beat of my heart this year.
I can't thank God enough for that.
I owe my life to Him.

Our family had a simple Noche Buena (since we're only 3 in the house we didn't prepared lots of foods), a typical one.
We had a small Cookies and Cream cake good for 3 persons (from Red Ribbon), spaghetti (courtesy of tita Marlyn), Humba (cooked by mom) and lots of Coca-Cola (since my sis and mom cannot resist the temptation).
We usually didn't prepare lots of foods for Christmas because we'll be preparing more in the New Year's Eve (that's a tradition in our family).

It doesn't matter what foods you have in the table and how many gifts you have received as long as the family is there and Jesus is also within your heart, Christmas is completely Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS guys! Enjoy the rest of the day and Be Happy! :D

Joyh Lasuta

-from j♥yh with love.



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