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Thursday, December 31, 2009

♥ attention!

2010 is here! New year means new life, new new year's resolution, new memories, new experiences and a lot more NEWs! But it doesn't mean NEW BLOG! But to me,it is!

Last year, i really had a hard time dealing with my old blog My World. My Life. My All. My followers cannot see my newly updated post in their dashboard. So just today, when i woke up at 1130am, i finally created a new blog as my last option. But no worries! I've downloaded all my blog posts from my old account and put them here in my new blog. You still have the chance to read my previous posts! *hehehe*

So from now on, I will be updating this Blog and I hope those errors I had will leave me alone!

goodbye My World.My Life.My All. I will definitely miss my kawaii layout.

hello I Know You Love Me! I promise to keep you posted.

which is more cute? Oh don't bother to answer anymore. I already know it's the first one.

-from j♥yh with l♥ve



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