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Friday, January 1, 2010

♥ can i do this?

my second blog post of the year 2010 *since i already posted the previous one,
Attention!*. So for this one, i'm gonna share my new year's resolution.

I really don't believe in the thing called new year's resolutions because for how many years that i've been stating it, i only did a few of them. But still I'm restating and revising it every year. So this year i already prepared my new year's resolution.

1. I will STUDY HARD!
2. I will PRAY more and attend church service every Sunday *no more laziness*
3. I will not eat too much in preparation for my aunt's arrival hopefully this June *in short to LOOSE WEIGHT*
4. Minimize saying bad words
5. I will give more time and keep in touch with friends most esp to Gail, te Chit and Nikki and my high school classmates
6. SAVE MONEY so I can but a new pair of Chucks
7. I will communicate with dad more often
8. I will drink soft drinks only ONCE A WEEK *starting next week since i can't help myself from drinking coke that is left from New Year's Eve*
9. I will not be procrastinating anymore when it comes to updating my blog. I will give more effort to it.
10. I'll try not to be late in my morning classes and in my other itineraries.
11. I will not get mad easily (controlling my temper) esp when my sister ask me to iron her hair early in the morning
12. I will help in the household chores whenever i don't have classes.
13. I will not stay up late *curfew @11pm*
14. I will read more books
15. I will forgive those who have hurt me and those who said something bad behind my back
16. I will clean my room every weekends.
17. I will take more pictures.
18. I will DOUBLE the memories that I had last year.

For now that's all I can think of. I know i don't intend to keep this but I'll try my very best to make a change in my life this year.

So far, I already did my 9th statement. I hope it will be for the entire year.

-from j♥yh with L♥ve



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