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Friday, January 22, 2010


it's been weeks since i last posted, been busy with the Sinulog, midterm exams and complying requirements. But despite all of that business (busy-ness) in me,
I would never forget the one thing that i loved for these past few weeks and that's the FIREWORKS that i saw during the end of the Sinulog festival.

I simply love looking at those bright lights that forms and bursts in the air,
their colorful lights and the feeling that when they fall and diffuse in the air they're gonna come to you and it seems they want you to touch them.
At exacty 10pm @ Ayala Center Cebu everyone started to take their cellphones and DSLRs out from their pockets and pouches and began taking videos and pictures! i forgot to shut my mouth upon seeing how beautiful and amazing those fireworks were. Star-strucked am I.

I said to myself that one day, during my wedding, i will surely have fireworks display just like the one that i saw that night. I will intend to keep and save money for it and I want it to be the best and most unforgettable moment for everyone (aside for the newly weds). Hahaha.

I will be looking forward for the Sinulog festival 2011 especially the annual fireworks display in Ayala. Til next year! :)

-from j♥yh with L♥ve

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