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Thursday, January 7, 2010

♥ update.

This week has been so stressful for me. We have BLS (Basic Life Support) training and it drains my energy to the highest level everyday. And tomorrow is the last and final demonstration! I'm happy to know that tomorrow's gonna be the last day but i'm not excited on the other hand. We will be having our Rescue Breathing and CPR to a single adult dummy! Can you believe it? We're gonna use ONLY ONE DUMMY for the whole. I can't imagine how many people have kissed that dummy for years and to think that my sister had demonstrated rescue breathing in that dummy last year! It's yours to imagine and think what that dummy smells and looks like. Hahaha.

Anyways, I will be updating about my NY's resolution today since it's a week already and together we'll find out if it's THUMBS UP or BOOO!
click here for reference: Can I Do This?

1. Study hard? I broke it on the first day of classes. I felt so tired to go on duty and still want to have a vacation.

2. I attended the church service last Sunday and i wish it would be for the whole year but i need to work on with myself to pray more.

3. I ate not too much and not too less. No heavy meals at all! *yipee*

4. Yes I had days where I haven't said any bad words/expressions.

5. Had girly talks with te chit and ghel. But i'm planning to spend time with my high school friends this weekend.

6. SAVED money! wee! I bought a coin bank and dropped 5 and 10-peso coins!

7. I did text my dad almost everyday unlike before once or twice a week and sometimes never.

8. Yes! I only drank softdrinks ONCE for this week. 'Twas last monday during our seminar and i emptied-not the bottle.

9. I did post to my blog whenever I feel like writing something from my mind just like today!

10. I'm still late! Everyday I arrived in school for our training @ about 830am instead of 800am call time. Still can't wake up early.

11. I wasn't mad everyday. Maybe i only did thrice for this week? yes. You've read it right. THRICE.

12. I am the one washing the dishes and sweeping the floor. Oh yeah!

13. I turned off the PC before 11pm and i laid down on the bed. But i can sleep only an hour after. I think because my body is used to sleeping late at night.

14. This week I admit I haven't read any books even newspapers. Hahaha. But I'm reading Eclipse on my cellphone through Ebook.

15. You're all forgiven guyz, especially my friend, Jen. I assure you i don't hold grudges anymore.

16. I'm planning to clean my room this Saturday but maybe i can't because i have one more important appointment that day.

17. Haven't took a picture this week. Oh I remember i had one on Gail's phone. Only one. Hahaha.

18. This last one is still ongoing.

So what can you say? THUMBS UP or BOO? i think it's TWO THUMBS UP! weee! :)

-from j♥yh with love

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